Press Photo of a Belgium Bantam Sedan

A pair of press photos has appeared on eBay from the same seller who had listed the original BRC parts book, Eddie Rickenbacker photo, and possibly NOS emblem.  One photo is a press photo of a 1939-1940 round bed pickup truck that has been circulating on eBay for ages.   You may be familiar with it: American Bantam press photo Round Bed pickup

However, the second photo is more interesting.  It is a photo of a custom bodied Bantam flanked by nature and backed by a body of water.  It is picturesquely posed and strikingly European looking.  The roof line appears to have been extended slightly to potentially accommodate rear passengers in greater comfort and the side panels appear to have an interesting lack of reflectivity.  Here is the photo:

American Bantam press photo Sedan European

Someplace on the internet, there are a few photos of a similar car which attributed it to Belgium.  However I cannot find the link to share.  Yet, if you have a copy of the AABC Authenticity manual, a 3/4 shot of this car is featured on page 134.  The coachwork is apparently the work of Metropolitan Cammell-Weymann Motor Bodies, Ltd. of London and comprises canvas stretched over wood framing.  The ultimate destination of these custom bodies was Belgium and the Authenticity Manual goes into greater depth.

If you don’t have an Authenticity Manual, you should consider picking one up from the AABC club store.

If you’re interested in making this press photo part of your collection, click here to see the custom bodied Bantam..


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