1940 Bantam Roadster – IL

This Bantam Roadster project presents a unique opportunity to build a Bantam from the ground up.  You can roll up your sleeves and turn this from an 80-85% complete project into a show car, driver, or whatever your dreams inspire.

The owner has invested a great deal of effort and money into getting the car into its present condition.  The body has been entirely sandblasted and zinc chromate primed.  He was preparing the car for the restoration it deserves but has held off.  As you can see, it has solid exterior sheet metal including the fenders, rear deck, doors, cowl, and grille.  While you will need to repair some damage to the body, which you can see in some of the photos, the seller is including the sheet metal he acquired for the job.

Regarding completeness, the seller knows that it is missing the windshield assembly, bumpers, radiator, title, and the shifter handle.  The rear axle which comes with the car is from an American Austin and the frame, with the serial number, has been cut into two pieces.  Most of the missing pieces shouldn’t be too difficult to find.

In contrast, the seller has the most difficult to find pieces for any Bantam restorer: a pair of complete unmolested headlights and a very nice original set of Bantam gauges which are included in the sale.  The seller even has two engines (the one pictured appears to be a 63 series pressurized lubrication Bantam engine), a set of rims, and the steering column.

This car is no longer on the market.

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