American Austin and Bantam Roadster Wood Kit

Austin and Bantam Roadster wood set.  $700 plus shipping.

This wood set fits all American Austin and American Bantam Roadsters, and Bantam Blvd. Delivery and Speedsters.  Note that addition wood parts are required for Bantam Speedsters.

Kit contains a total of 17 pieces made of solid Poplar.  Drilling of holes and final fitting is required.  These pieces are cut in the same manner as the originals.  Includes all wood for inside doors (4 pcs each door), Wood for the body around the doors (4 pcs each side), and a flat piece for over the rear axle.  Made in USA from US grown hardwood.


The kit is priced at $700 plus shipping to your door.  Order yours today and get your project on its way.



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