1931 American Austin Roadster + Parts Car- WI

This is a very unique opportunity in the year 2016, two excellent restoration candidates for the price of one.  The seller has a 1931 American Austin Roadster which is mid restoration and an American Austin Coupe.



The Coupe is solid enough that it can be restored, or even enjoyed as is.  The roadster, is not too far from being your next project.


The Roadster:


The treasure trove of spare parts:


The Coupe:



From what the seller has told me, there are two rebuilt engines, several redone radiators, redone starters and generators, and much more.  This collection has almost everything you can think of needing when redoing these cars.  If you’re looking for excellent restoration candidates, these are them.  Most of the chrome on the roadster has already been replated and the seats have already been reupholstered.

These cars are located in Wisconsin.



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