Locating Services

If after looking through our classified ad section, you haven’t found what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the correct place.  At EverythingBantam.com, we offer unique services where we directly hunt down cars or parts that you are looking for.

The process is straightforward and simple.  It begins with reaching out to us via the contact form at the bottom of this page.  We will get in touch with you to discuss your desired outcome, your budget, details pertinent to item you are looking to find, and the likelihood of success in pursuit of your interests.

If, after learning more about our services, you believe we can help you find what you’re looking for, there is a $50 fee which entitles you to one year of our searching on your behalf for the item you are seeking.  Any item you purchase resultant from our locating services is subject to a 7% fee of the ultimate purchase price of such item to be paid to us within 30 days of your payment for such item.  Please note, as the buyer, any and all negotiations and payments for goods you seek to purchase will be carried out and effected by you.

Depending on the level of interaction you are seeking, we can also offer additional fee based services along the way to provide you advice or guidance along the way.  We can provide long distance appraisals, condition reports, authenticity analysis, and other similar services.  Please note that a contract to perform a search does not require any specific time commitment on our behalf.

While there is no guarantee that we will find exactly what you are looking for, we have amassed a 100% success rate over the last seven years.

Some recent locating successes include:

  • 1940 Bantam Pickup Truck
  • 1938 Bantam Pickup Truck
  • 1940 Bantam 3 main bearing engine matching numbers to a specific car
  • 1940 Bantam Hollywood
  • 1939 Bantam windshield assembly
  • Bantam headlight parts
  • Reproduction Bantam Station Wagon Wood
  • Restored 1939 Bantam Station Wagon
  • 1940 Bantam Roadster
  • 1938 Bantam Panel Truck project

As the locating process can be a time consuming endeavor, I can only take on so many locating requests at a single time.  Also, in fairness to all of my clients, I do not overlap search requests for multiple clients looking for the same item in similar geographic areas.  Once an existing locating contract has been fulfilled or expired, I can take on a similar request again.

To get your search started, use the contact form below.


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