Locating Services

Whenever I lost something as a child, my Grandmother would tell me to turn over a glass and assure me the object of my desire would soon turn up. Since that time, I’ve developed a passion for searching for things; big and small.  Over the years, I have refined my skills and developed a network to make my search efforts quite successful.

If you’ve already tried turning over a glass but haven’t had much luck, you know how time consuming and frustrating a search can be.  Should your search be Austin or Bantam-centric, I recommend a two step process to help you get the results you want.

Step one is to begin perusing this website, delving into every corner to see what has already been published.  Among the numerous pages, you will find classified ads for cars and parts for sale as well as copious information relating to American Austins and Bantams.  If after completing step one you haven’t found what you’re looking for, step two is to reach out to me.

Step two requires that you use the contact form below to give me a little bit of information.  From the information you provide, I can get an idea of how my services will help so we can potentially schedule a consultation with to discuss the process and pricing.  Once I have the pertinent information, I will respond with options for a consultation where we will discuss your expectations, likelihood of success, and different pricing levels for the sort of search you want.

Whether you’re hoping to find an entire car or just a few parts, there is a chance I can, in time, help you locate what you’re looking for.  Some recent locating successes include:

  • 1940 Bantam Pickup Truck
  • 1938 Bantam Pickup Truck
  • 1940 Bantam 3 main bearing engine
  • 1940 Bantam Hollywood
  • 1939 Bantam windshield assembly
  • 1940 Bantam front end pieces.
  • Bantam headlight parts
  • Reproduction Bantam Station Wagon Wood

As the locating process can be a time consuming endeavor, I can only take on so many locating requests at a single time.  Also, in fairness to all of my clients, I can also only take on a single request for a specific item at one time.  Once an existing locating contract has been fulfilled or expired, I can take on a similar request again.

For information on pricing or to inquire as to the availability of my services, feel free to use the contact form below.

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