1934 American Austin Coupe – OH




1934 American Austin Coupe For Sale , New restoration ,Runs good, New tires Totally restored. Car is light grey with darker grey fenders.

The sellers have some some extra mechanical parts:

2 crank cases L3368  M19377

5 Cylinder Blocks

4 Crank Shafts

2 Heads

2 Exhaust Manifolds

2 Transmissions: 1 cast iron and 1 aluminum

2 Flywheels

1 Gear drive generator

1 Gear drive generator mounting bracket

1 Front wheel

1 Rear wheel

1 Pressure Plate

1 Clutch Disk

A8831 Connecting rods


Water outlet Neck

Oil Pump

Piston .030 Oversize

Crankshaft gear

Camshaft gears

Intake Manifold

Valve Tappets and Bushings

Cylinder block water inlet housing

Timing gear cover

Hood latch catch brackets

Flat belt tensioner

Flat belt crankshaft pulley

v belt pulley

New King Pings without bushings

2 Radiators

Custom made engine stand for American Austin


Asking $12,500, please contact me for the sellers information through the form below:



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