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Do you have an American Austin or Bantam, or parts for either, which you’d like to sell?  Well, at Everything Bantam, we are always looking to enlarge our selection and inventory of cars and parts available.  Please feel free to contact us directly to let us know about the items which you’d like to part with.

Although we are always eager buyers, there are unfortunately some opportunities which we must pass on.  So, we also offer consignment listing services to help you maximize the value of your items while seeking to place them with the right caretakers.

All of our consignment ad are run until the item is sold, or for the life of the website, whichever is longer.  Please check out the table below to learn more about vehicle consignment options.  For parts consignment, please feel free to contact us to discuss your options.

To see an example of vehicle listings, please check out our showroom.

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“Richard, … I’d like to thank you first for the very nice and well written article about the story of my Bantam Roadster. Not only did it tell a very interesting and true story about my car and its care and love we gave this little car over the last 65 years; but you were able to attract people with a love and respect of these incredible automobiles. Much to my surprise my car was sold after only 2 weeks in your magazine and your on line listing. I would definitely recommend your listing for anyone considering selling their car.” – G. H. Crosby


If you’re interested in selling your car, parts, or memorabilia, please use the contact form below: