1940 Bantam Riviera – FL

American Bantam Riviera AACA 1990

This car is an older restoration.  It was an AACA National Senior First and it is still a very nice driver condition car.

There are a few paint chips from rocks here and there but the exterior paint, chrome and trim are very presentable and it would show well at your local shows.  The interior is also very nice, and seat belts have been added front and rear that could easily be removed if you do not desire them.

All of the hard-to-find and expensive-to-replace parts are present.  The instruments work properly and look good, the headlights are present and have new reflectors, and all of the 1940-only shocks and suspension parts are present.  The instrument panel wears an engine-turned stainless steel insert that dresses it up nicely.  The top and side curtains are in excellent condition and new window caps on the rear window sills have been made and fitted to replace those that were missing when we bought the car.  There is a serviceable top boot that could use a few new snaps but does its job just fine.  The spare tire has a new cover that matches the top and sets off the rear of the car nicely.



Mechanically, the car is excellent.  The brakes work properly, the transmission shifts smoothly and its synchronizers work well and the clutch is new.  The engine is a two main bearing dipper model, not the proper three main bearing engine.  That said, it has been properly rebuilt with crank magnafluxed and machined, new babbit for the mains and rod bearings, new UK stellite intake and exhaust valves, reground camshaft and tappets, new valve springs, new rings and resurfaced cylinder block and cylinder head.  The front and rear main seals are modern neoprene oil seals, not the leaky Bantam oil slingers, so you can park in your garage or on your driveway without leaving evidence behind when you move the car.  Imagine a Bantam with no oil leaks!  It has a Crosley downdraft Tillotson carburetor and SU electric fuel pump that provide much better acceleration up to its comfortable cruising speed of 50.  It will go faster than that but then you will start to outrun those Bantam brakes!  The original intake manifold and updraft Tillotson are included with the car.

To make sure that it is enjoyable to drive at 50, it has modern Firestone F560 radial tires mounted on powder-coated wheels that give it a firm and steady grip on the road.  This is very unlike most Bantams that I have driven with old, show-only bias ply tires that allow them to wander all over at any speed.  The four whitewall tires on body-color rims with pin striping that were mounted when we bought it are included with the car, same wheels as the spare wheel on the rear of the car.


This is a very reliable driver that you can enjoy on tours or short runs to the ice cream stand.  We have enjoyed it very much on runs along AIA on the Florida coast and on two lane highways here in North Florida.  We are selling it because we have too many cars and need to thin out the fleet.

The photos above show the car pictured in the AACA magazine as a Senior First winner, the car as it arrived in Florida with the incorrect headlights, with replaced headlights, and various other photos

This car has sold!

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