1939 Bantam Station Wagon Project – New York

This is one of my personal projects.  I would say cars, but as you can see, it needs a lot of work.  Many months ago I bought the remnants of a 1939 Bantam Station Wagon.  Finished, these cars are gorgeous and whimsical.  Apart, they are a lot of work.  As you may already know, my two projects in the works are an American Austin roadster and an American Bantam woody convertible.  While this has the ability to be far more valuable than either car, I just don’t have the time or resources to work on it at this time.

Included in the station wagon lot:

Running gear including:

  • 1939 Bantam Woody engine (has a broken crank)
  • Transmission
  • 6 qt Radiator
  • driveshaft
  • rear axle

Late 1939 frame:

  • underdash parking brake
  • outboard transmission mounts
  • ball and socket style radius rods
  • Ross twin cam steering box
  • commercial frame spare tire carrier
  • Rear of frame has been damaged and repaired

Sheet Metal:

  • Two front fenders
  • 1938-39 15 louver grille
  • 1938 Bantam cowl section
  • another cowl top section with good cowl vent door
  • parts for upright hinge pillars
  • used rockers
  • used door latch side pillar
  • drive shaft tunnel
  • wheel houses (not included at this time, but will be available in the future)

While I may have some other Bantam parts to fill in the blank spaces, they are not explicitly included here.  Anything else would have to be worked out with the buyer.  This may be your only chance in the next decade to get a numbers matching Bantam woody.  Although it will require significant work, won’t that be most of the fun?

The car is located in New York.

For more cars and parts for sale, click here.

If you’re interested in contacting me regarding this car, please use the contact form below:


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