Garlits Bantam Hot Rod – NY

There are Bantam hot rods, and then there are Bantam Hot Rods.  While a lot of people have been drawn into building these cars, there are a few which are truly the definitive Bantam hot rods.  This car is one of them:

Garlits Bantam cover

This sharp looking car was built by none other than Don Garlits and Connie Swingle in 1962.  Here is a list of specifications as to how it was originally equipped:Garlits Bantam spec sheet

From the rest of the article, you can tell how unique and well thought out this car was when built.

Besides the write up in Rodding and Re-stying, this car was also fondly remembered in Big Daddy-A Career Pictorial, Vol. 1.

As you can see, the body was modified at the cowl and below the rear window while the greenhouse was maintained, creating a smoother sleeker Bantam.  From front to rear, the builders worked hard to build a good looking, outrageous, and fast car.

Unfortunately, time was not as kind to the car as its original builders.  At some point, the roof was chopped and the original chassis, the running gear was upgrade and eventually lost.  Thankfully, this car was saved by a man with vision who sought to save it.  Here are some photos of the car when he found it.  Most of it original decals and paint were intact, in spite of the modifications which previous owners made to the body.

The current owner saved the body and put it in a safe place until he could get to work on it.  Here are some close ups of the body and grille as they are currently.

Seeking to return this car to its former glory, the owner found a Bantam coupe donor body to contribute the missing metal.

With this donor body, you can restore the original green house, quarter panels, and opening doors.  These are the parts you need to start bringing Snuffy III back to life.

No matter what, if you are planning to build a Bantam hot rod, you will need to put in a lot of work.  Why not put that same effort into building THE Bantam hot rod.  This is a one in a lifetime opportunity to own a piece of American Hot Rod History

The car is located in New York, and the owner is open to reasonable offers.

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