Pacific Pumper

During Bantam’s vehicle production, there were several mentions of other industrial engines being sold to outside contractors including Pacific Marine Supply Company.  Pacific Marine offered something called the Pacific Pumper.  These pumpers were conversions of commercially available engines fitted to pumps for a number of different applications.  For our purposes, only Austin and Bantam conversions will be discussed here.

It appears that the Austin and Bantam based pumps were the utilized in the Model U.  Most examples of which photos have surfaced are of Austin powered Model U’s.

Pacific Pumper 94 (2)

However, there are some existing Pacific Marine advertising photos which show a pumping apparatus adapted to a Series 65 style three main bearing engine.

Pacific Pumper 95

As the 65 Series was a relatively short run of engines and provided the information tending to show that Brennan was in control of the engine patterns for producing its own I.M.P., it is possible that the Model U ceased to be Austin or Bantam based after around 1940.

Below are some photos of Pacific Pumpers and related advertising material.

The below engine was sold on ebay with the following information:  “THE PACIFIC PUMPER TYPE:U SERIAL NO.5017 manufactured by PACIFIC MARINE SUPPLY CO. SEATTLE, USA.

Here are a couple photos of Model U number 5090 illustrating what may be a very late Austin engine number (20613) with the Pacific model number and unit number: