Bantam Ignition Switches

In working to gather all of the parts for my latest project, there was one which I had mistakenly assumed I had the correct part for without ever really considering what I really had.  This part was the ignition switch, which I was sure I had. Worse yet, I thought I had a couple, when I in fact only had one.  The correct ignitions for Bantams are supposed to be manufactured by Douglas with a smooth beveled outside retainer, and they apparently border on unobtainable.

038(1) original ignition switchFinding switches of this nature is nearly impossible.  The one which I realized I had with my parts is actually quite different from the correct one.

Here are ebay listing for this style of switch:

1) NOS Ignition Switch Lock With Keys 1939 – 1958

2) IGNITION KEY SWITCH Ford Tractor Jubilee

3) Harley J Ignition Switch

However, Mark, shared with me a switch of similar design with some differences was found which may be the closest available replacement.  He suggests smoothing out the knurls to duplicate the look of the original.  I think his idea is the best and I may have to pursue that route for my car.  However, I may make due with mine for now as it will look good mounted and will require minimal up front work.  Perhaps later on I’ll switch to the knurled piece.

ignition switch 4

Click here to see the ebay listing for this style switch: Ignition Switch Heavy Duty 2 Position 2 Pole Keyed Die Cast Bezel universal

wiring diagramThank you to Mark for your insight and to the people who shared the quality photos of their original switches.


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