1938 Bantam Panel Truck – PA

This is a very rare opportunity to own a very rare car, a Bantam panel truck.  These don’t come up for sale very often and are usually candidates for full restoration when they do.  This panel truck has been treated to a unique street rodding treatment which the seller estimates is about 50% complete.

The main body was mounted to a rotisserie in an effort to ensure all 360 degrees of the body were properly addressed.  The body was treated to subtle modifications such as frenched in 1939 Ford taillights, frenched in rear license plate mount, power windows, and custom fabricated rocker panels.  Also photographed are the front fenders, 13 slat grille, and gull wing hood which complete the package. It appears this panel truck is equipped with modern Bantam headlight reproductions which utilize sealed beam headlights.


The chassis, suspension, and running gear were sourced from an MG Midget.  Besides riding on a more modern and nimble suspension, the truck has also been treated to a set of MG wire wheels with newer tires.  Also, the brakes at all four corners are hydraulically operated, as opposed to the original cable brakes.  All of these upgrades were packaged to fit without major modifications to the Bantam in order to retain most of the original factory styling.  In additional photos, an early 4 quart radiator and a modern fabricated gas tank complete the truck.  When finished, this truck should give you Bantam looks with sports car handling.



This truck includes numerous pieces which have not yet been finished and reattached to the car.  Also included is an original Bantam grille shell emblem which is ready for re-enameling.

The interior of the truck has been modified with a fabricated dash board, a tilt column with integrated ignition, a modified floor pan to accommodate the modern transmission, power windows, and a modern brake/clutch pedal set up.  With the additional room of the panel truck, the next owner will have the freedom to mount the seats in a comfortable position without the constraints offered by other Bantam models.  The seller was building the truck with the goal of drive-ability in mind.

This truck was brought into the current condition by an expert in restoration and tasteful street rodding who built many cars for exotic auto auctions.  Unlike the other vehicles which the builder had, this was intended to remain in his personal collection.  Over the course of the build, an extensive restoration journal was kept including numerous photos and records.  The current owner has this information and can pass it on to the next owner.

The seller believes the truck is about 80 percent done and is waiting for an eager new owner to finish the build.  If you’ve been looking to take on a Bantam project but would like to enjoy a few modern conveniences, this is the truck for you.  When it’s finished, it will be only of its kind and will be one of the few roadworthy Bantam panel trucks in existence.

This Bantam Panel truck is located in Bedford, Pennsylvania.

This truck has been sold, for other cars and projects click here.