W.M. Spear’s WarBaby

Is there something about the nose of the Jeep below that just tugs at your heart strings?

brc steps

If so, you’re not alone.  There is an excellent book which has been recently published by one of the foremost experts on the subject and a terrific supporter of all that is Bantam.  W.M. Spear, the man who’s website lured me back to this hobby time and again has apparently been working on this book for over 15 years.  I could write something, but I feel the excerpt on Amazon is spot on and there isn’t too much rationale for reinventing the wheel on this subject.

“Thousands of books and articles and documentary films have been made extolling the virtues of the jeep, but, until now, the complete story of its origins have remained largely a mystery, shrouded by fragmentary, conflicting and incomplete evidence; conjecture, supposition or outright guessing.

After over 15 years of painstaking research, William Spear’s definitive new book WARBABY sets out the true story of how the jeep came to be. The history is not only revealed in full, but emerges as one of the most interesting and exciting stories in automotive history, from beginning to end filled with dozens of compelling characters in dramatic, high risk situations. The book is an important new page of history about what may be the most significant vehicle in American automotive history.

Whether your interest is in industrial design, history, politics, biography, research, simple curiosity about the cars themselves or just interest in an old fashioned good story, WARBABY covers the territory.

WARBABY is a ‘real book’ in the old fashioned sense. It is not an amateurish ‘print on demand’ digital printout which will have it’s indistinctly printed pages falling out after a couple of years. This is intended to be a treasured volume, professionally laid out and expensively printed on high quality paper with a hard, cloth-covered back, stitched together in the time honored way and meant to be a feature in your library for decades to come. A major financial commitment has been made by the author/publisher to insure that the physical book lives up to the high quality of its content. 400 pages of 8.5 x 11.5 of heavy, highest quality paper weighing six pounds; Hard back book with olive drab cloth cover and debossed with gold foil imprints.• Traditional stitched construction with head and tail pieces; not just glued together. • Professionally laid out and beautifully organized.• Only 1000 copies printed.”

Check it out on ebay here: W.M. Spear’s WARBABY


Check it out on Amazon here: W.M. Spear’s WARBABY

For more information, you may want to visit the Bantam Reconnaissance website set up for the 75th anniversary of the creation of the pilot BRC.  Click here to visit that site.