Technical Information and Literature

Despite the small number of cars built over the run of American Austin and Bantam cars, the company put out a large variety of literature.  As a club, we should be extremely happy for all of the items that still exist to this day.  Caretakers of the hobby have ensured that there is even at least one set of original blue prints for American Austins and Bantams in existence.  Both the ABS and AABC have very good literature offerings for owners and enthusiasts.

The List:

Fuel System

Tillotson M10a outside

Front End Parts

american bantam grille shell 1

 Interior parts, coming soon!

The Virtual Library:

Below, please find period publications dedicated to maintenance and service of American Austins and Bantams.  By clicking on the cover of the book, you will be taken to a gallery of the pages relevant to Austins and Bantams.  For certain books, if modern reproductions are available, information about purchase will be included.

American Austin and Bantam Factory/Dealer Publications:

American Austin Instruction Manual

1930 Austin Instruction Book (Coming Soon)


1935 American Austin Parts & Price List

Asher Bantam Manual 1 Texaco Series 60 Lube Chart  Chet Hempfling’s Log
 American Bantam Parts Catalog  Dick Beagle Bantam Repro Paint Chips 1  DSC_0253

Third-Party Publications:

Chilton Rapid Flat Rate 1

Chilton’s Rapid Flat Rate Repair Data – Primarily American Austin related Data


Motors manual cover (2)

Motor’s Manual 10th Edition Specific and general technical information related to most American Bantams. Limited information on Series 65 and later.

Below you will find a collection of period technical articles published regarding maintenance and service of American Austins and Bantams.  These were sourced through the internet and the original publications may not be known.  As I can locate the sources, they will be included above or may be retained in a categorized manner as below.  Feel free to chime in with your thoughts.

1939 Bantam Carb Data

Tillotson Carb Data

Zenith 61a5 drawing

Zenith 61A5 (1940 Bantam) Carb Info

BRC stromberg

BRC Stromberg Information

1937 Bantam Transmission

Bantam Warner T-84 Transmission Data

1936-1941 Bantam Generator Regulators

Bantam Electrical System Information

1937-1939 Bantam rear

Bantam Rear Axle Data

1940 Bantam clutch

Bantam Clutch

1940 Universal Joints

Universal Joints

1940-1941 Bantam monroe shocks

1940-1941 Bantam monroe shocks

Lavine Steering box a

Lavine Steering box

Ross Steering box a

Ross Steering Boxes

37-39 Service manual

General Bantam Data

Modern Enthusiast Crated Publications

Phil Haynes Austin Transmission Manual ABS Shop Manual Cunningham Bantam Manual 1
Dick Beagle Bantam Restoration Manual 1 AABC Authenticity Manual First Ed 1  Authenticity Manual: 2nd Ed

Post-Civilian Bantam Production Parts Suppliers-

The posts below are intended to provide historical perspective to the provision of American Austin and Bantam parts after the American Bantam Car Co. ended the production of civilian cars.  Catalogs have been provided where possible to help restorers identify parts which may be on hand in a collection of parts by part number or description.  The timeline of events between 1947 and 1973 were inspired by entries in the Austin Bantam Society’s Rooster Tails publication which also indicated that most parts were sold at 1940 pricing until the late 1960’s


American Bantam Parts Catalog

American Bantam Car Co.

April 22, 1947

Henry W Caldwell

Parts and unsold New Cars Transferred to Henry W. Caldwell

1955 – Majority of Caldwell inventory is sold to Al Asher.

1957 – Remaining inventory not sold to Al Asher is sold to Beagle family.

1962 – Beagle Family purchases remainder of parts from Al Asher.

1967 – Hal Thompson purchases remainder of Beagle Family parts.

Hal Thompson Bantam Parts 1

Hal Thompson Catalog

1980 David N Reilly Offering 1982 Hank Albro Offering
1984- Hal Thompson sells parts collection to Frank Alduk (Known as Newcastle Co.) 1986 Hank Albro offering 1988 Everett & Pauline Kroll Offering
1989 and 1992 Hank Albro Offering  New Castle Auction (parts stash divided a final time among multiple collectors) Year unknown 1993 Golden Mile Sales Offering
 1996 Golden Mile Sales Catalog  1998 Golden Mile Sales Catalog


Reproduction Literature Currently Available:

  • 1930 American Austin Brochure
  • 1932 American Austin Brochure
  • 1933 American Austin Brochure
  • 1934 American Austin Brochure
  • 1938 Bantam Brochure
  • 1938 Sinclair Lube Chart

Do you have technical information, manuals, or service bulletins which are not listed above, then, please reach out to us using the contact form below.  Feel free to also use the form if you have a question about the literature above. 



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