American Bantam Tool Kit

If you have your Authenticity Manual handy, go to section 385.  If you don’t have an Authenticity Manual, you may want to get one by clicking here.  What you’ll find in section 385 is a detailed description of the took kit which came with each Bantam.  These kits came with one of two bumper jacks made from ACME threaded rod, a smooth black vinyl pouch, pliers, an imitation rosewood wood handled screwdriver, and a postcard to mail to the factory.  Going through the manual, you will also find that Bantams left the factory with a hand crank / lug wrench.  These cranks may have been used frequently as the access hole in most unrestored grilles seem to be in very poor condition.

American Bantam Took Kit 5

The last time a jack was on ebay was in May of 2016, you can see that listing by clicking here.  That jack, unlike the one in this listing, was a reproduction made by Lynn James.  Like all of his work, the jacks he made were meticulously faithful copies of the originals in every respect and were quite beautiful.  Unfortunately, he sold his last jack a few years ago.  If you have been keeping up with it, I have been working on a shopping list list of sorts which will, include details such as reproduction parts which have been made for these cars.  You can see some of the lists in progress here.  (Please note, the lists currently posted are drafts.  I am still working on finding photos and adding information.  If you see anything that requires correction, please let me know.)

The seller has detailed the origins of each of the tools included in the kit, so it is worth taking a read, even if you aren’t currently in the market for this item.

American Bantam Took Kit 1

Click here to see the American Bantam Took KitSold for 700 plus shipping.


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