T-5 Specific Parts and Accessories (New/NOS/Used)

Reproduction Parts:

Export Brace Cowl Reinforcement (evenly spaced holes)

1965-1966 Export Brace (evenly spaced holes)

1965 T-5 Gas Cap

Export Shock Tower Reinforcement


1965-1966 T-5 Horn Ring Assembly


1965-1966 Clear Turn Signal Lens


1967-1968 200 Km/H Speedometer (reman)


1969-1970 200 Km/H Speedometer (reman)

Original T-5 Parts Currently For Sale –


1965-1966 T-5 Emblems (Pair) SOLD


1956-1966 T-5 Emblems (pair)


1967-1979 T-5 Emblem Inserts (pair)

If you’re interested in advertising your parts on TrustInRust.com, or are looking for a particular part, please use the contact form below:

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