Welcome to the virtual showroom.  The vehicles you see below are being advertised for their owners.  If a car is owned by us, it will be stated in the ad itself.  If you see something you like, please use the in ad contact form for more information.

Restored, Reconditioned, Preserved, and Operational Cars:

1931 American Austin Roadster Featured Photo                   1938 American Bantam Roadster Featured Photo

Project Cars:

1930 American Austin Roadster MD Featured Photo          1934 American Austin Coupe Featured Photo

1938 Bantam Roadster CT Featured Image 1939 Bantam Coupe NC Featured Image                  1939 Bantam Truck NY Featured Image 1939 American Bantam Station Wagon NY Featured Photo                  1939 Bantam Roadster NY Featured Image    1940 American Bantam Hollywood CO Featured Photo

Modified, Custom, and Hot Rodded Cars:

Garlits Bantam Featured Photo

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