1931 American Austin Coupe – Texas

With a little work, this little bantam American Austin could be exactly the type of car you have been hoping for.  Originally restored by the owner’s father in the 60’s, he started detailing it in the 1970’s but did not finish.  The car has sat in this condition for the past few decades but was running not too long ago.  The current owner believes there may be an issue with the clutch and also thinks all of the parts will come with the car.  The seller has cherished his father’s car for decades and wants to make sure it gets into the right hands.

Although this is listed as a project, it looks like a solid car that just needs a little TLC to be a runnable car.  I would be tempted to enjoy it without the canvas installed to enjoy a sun roof.

The car is located in Copper Canyon, Texas and the seller is asking $6800 obo. This car has sold!

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