1940 Bantam Coupe – AL

Originally black, the third to last American Bantam sequence number came off the line on March 19, 1940.  It was a master coupe, with a large radiator and an old style muffler.  Nearing the end of a several year production run of America’s Best economy car, this car should represent the pinnacle of Bantam’s engineering.  Nearly 80 years and 60,000 miles later, this car still exists and was the beneficiary of a nice older restoration. 1940 American Bantam Coupe 98

Subsequently to its restoration, this car remained in a private collection for years until it passed recently into new ownership. Each owner has sought to give the car a good home and has made incremental improvements.  Initially repainted in a vibrant dark metallic blue, this car was clearly owned by a person of discerning taste and attention to detail.

To off set the elegant blue hue, the car has been pinstriped with an alluring red that takes the car to the next level.

The interior of the car is equally inviting with a woodgrained dashboard, nicely preserved original gauges, and a host of other well captured details.

Under the hood, the large capacity radiator remains in place as does the original engine which was installed at the factory.  The numbers matching engine looks quite clean and it appears to have been treated to a more modern air cleaner and an alternator.  Amazingly, the firewall does not appear to have been modified to accommodate a larger battery and original style firewall insulation was sourced and installed.

If you’d like to learn more about this vehicle, please use the contact form below to be put in contact with the seller.

The seller is asking $24,000 and the car is located in Athens, Alabama.

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