Good Bye Lead Sheets

Over the past two years, we have been compiling leads onto a bi-monthly publication which is distributed through regular mail or e-mail.  They were available for free to club members or for a fee to everyone else.  Compiled on these sheets were a multitude of items including restored Austins and Bantams, project cars, hot rods, imported Austins, and parts.  These sheets were fairly popular and provided interested parties with a plethora of options for hunting down what they were looking for and for giving car owners a decent idea of market health.

We have enjoyed sharing the leads with all of you, however two elements have held them back from being as useful as they should have been.  The primary problem that the construction of these sheets, including their formatting, was just too time consuming to put out more than six per year.  The unfortunate consequence of this was the death of leads before a new sheet went out.  As a result, too many auction cars were missed by not being timely included on a lead sheet.

So where do we go from here and what will I do with this windfall of time?  Firstly, I will find a way to get information on auction cars out in an appropriate manner to ensure they get into the right hands.  Secondly, I will be funneling the lead sheet time into building the informative portions of this website, including authenticity and historical information.

So, what can you do if your looking for a car?  Firstly, you can visit our showroom.  Secondly, you can inquire about our locating services.  One way or another, we’ll help you get into that Austin or Bantam you know you want.




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