Welcome Back / Black Friday

Hectic is a word that I find myself using more as I get older.  Work is hectic.  Life is hectic.  Yada yada.  Hectic isn’t bad, it just means that we have to keep our priorities in check.  My last post here was on July 16.  Since then, I’ve thought about posts, but just haven’t had the chance as so many other things were given priority over updating the blog.  In all honesty, there also haven’t been too many amazingly interesting items on eBay.  So, we haven’t missed out on too much.

Today, there are a few neat items which I’ll get to below.  However, I’ll get to a bit of housekeeping first.  Parts reproduction efforts are still going at full bore.  We completed a short production run of new brake cables which have mostly found homes at this point.  There will be a few surprise items coming out early next year.  The locating service has helped several eager Bantam enthusiasts find the cars of their dreams.  Most of our used parts have been sorted and are awaiting final inventorying in order to be readily available for you.  We have added a few new cars to the showroom.  We are also working on aggregating more information for our virtual library.

Just as rust never sleeps, neither do we!  So, with that, welcome back!

If you’re still reading, you may be interested in the following items:

Bantam BRC Parts Book:

The owner asserts that his father worked at the American Bantam Car Co. until 1941.  This is presumably an original book.

Click here to seethe Bantam BRC Parts Book

American Bantam Grille Badge:

Please note the badge does have some damage visible from the one photo of the face.  The chrome appears to be entirely worn off in the boxed area and scuffed where the lines are drawn.  The enameling appears to have some slight dimpling, but it is difficult to tell from these photos.

American Bantam Emblem damage

Click here to see the Bantam Emblem

American Bantam Eddie Rickenbacker Press Photo:

Click here to see the American Bantam Eddie Rickenbacker Press Photo


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