Many Happy Returns of the Day

After Roy S. Evans, there was Francis Fenn.  Each man sought, in their own way, to turn Bantam’s Butler factory into a productive and profitable machine.  You can read more about Mr. Fenn here and here.  A lot of the history I am familiar with describes Evans as the initial savior of the little car company that could.  However, there were several key people who were in charge of steering the company to eventual profitability during the war.

While all has been quiet on this page for a while, our shelves are being rebuilt and stocked, this morning something appeared which I needed to share.  So, please forgive my absence and enjoy this  simple but elegant book with F.H. Fenn scrawled on its cover:

FH Fenn's scrapbook 1

Apparently, in 1943, some of the American Bantam Car Co.’s workers put together a scrap book commemorating Mr. Fenn’s efforts with the company and their thankfulness for his time at the helm.

The seller has shared some of its magnificent photos which some of us may have never seen before.

Photos of factory workers and administrative officers abound.

Along with a pair of factory photos, with one photo illustrating civilian car crankcases and another showing the dutiful BRC/firetruck which still exists.


While the starting price is a hefty $500, the action kindly shares a few photos with us.  The entry price and lack of seller feedback may thwart some people from buying this, but it’s the sort of thing that deserves to be in a collection where it will be both preserved and shared with Bantam enthusiasts.

FH Fenn's scrapbook 93


Click here to see Mr. Fenn Scrapbook


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