Ron Hackenberger Update

Perhaps you’ve heard about the Hackenberger auction in the past few weeks.  With over 700 lots, this auction has a lot of very interesting items and it has been widely publicized.  If you are one of the subscribers to our “Lead Sheets” you have probably seen three Austins and Bantams coming up for auction today.  After all was said and done, the three cars found new homes.  Here is a snapshot of the auction results.

Screenshot (316)

After weeks of online bidding, the convertible coupe lingered around $850, the roadster remained strong at $350, and the coupe was around $750.  The morning of the auction, the Convertible coupe ascended to ~$5,700, the roadster to ~$500, and the coupe to ~$1,200.  Once the bidding began on the roadster, a small power surge interrupted the internet bidding; but that didn’t stop it from being a runaway hit with internet bidders.  Note, the prices published do not include any of the premiums which were tacked on for the lucky winners. (Somewhere between 8% and 17%, in different areas of the terms).

At the prices realized, it may be safe to assume that the convertible coupe and roadster will be on their way to enjoyment in their original form.  However, the softer value the crowd placed on the coupe makes one wonder what its fate may await it.

If anyone who purchased one of these cars happens to read this, it would be great to know more about your new car and welcome you into the fold.  If you are a person who was bidding on these cars but didn’t end up going home with one, send us a line as there are plenty of cars looking for a warm space in your garage.


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