Still Bantaming!

First off, happy Summer!  It’s been a very busy few weeks and I have been neglecting this site a little bit.  A lot of my focus has been stolen by work and in getting a few reproduction projects off the ground.  There are enough projects in the works that I have a binder which is starting to fill up with everything to keep track of these efforts.

If you received the ABS’ most recent Rooster Tails, you may have seen an article about our effort to reproduce headlight lenses, if you are interested, I am taking preorders until mid-September.  Hopefully, there will be a table at the upcoming meet in Reading, PA showcasing our latest reproduction parts as well as lots of other goodies, used and new alike.

The lead sheet has really blossomed in the past month.  To be honest, there are so many vehicles for sale at this point in time that its sometimes hard to keep track of them all.  A few of the cars advertised on this site have sold and I need to update the classifieds with some new cars which are available.  Lead sheet V. 1 LS. 5 should be available this weekend.  If you aren’t a member of either club, just think, you could have had a copy of every lead sheet released this year emailed to you for free for the cost of membership in one of those clubs.

In other news, we have now secured the URL  You can reach this page by typing that in.  At some point, this whole site will be migrated to that URL.  You can also find Everything Bantam on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (although I admittedly don’t know how to use that one yet).  Soon, the content of the three pages will be coordinated with each one having some unique nuggets of Bantam gold.

I am working on updating the parts section of the website to reflect actual used parts available on ebay, new parts available through us and other vendors, and nos parts.

Most importantly, I am getting back to work on the Shop Project, the Bantam Sportsman.

Thanks for checking in!




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