Reproduction Bantam Stabilite Headlight Lenses

Excellent news has finally come regarding headlight lenses.  I have found a company in the United States with the capability of forming correct reproduction glass Stabilite 3930 lenses.  This is a project that can be taken on if we can find orders for at least 100 lenses.  Over the next few months, I will be putting out feelers to see who is interested in being part of this exciting project.  Remember, 100 is the magic number.

headlight lens

As you have probably seen, correct headlight lenses can be quite difficult to source.  Even original glass lenses may have numerous visible imperfections that detract from their beauty.  Although yellowed lenses may be frustrating, the price to replace them with better ones is more so.  People have paid exorbitant amounts for NOS lenses just to make sure their headlights look fantastic.

So, if we get this project off the ground, beautiful glass replacement lenses will be available at a fraction of the price of NOS pieces and you can easily keep a spare or two around.  Generally, new lenses are only available to people with cars that were produced in greater numbers.  Now we can have a shot at seeing the road again too!

Please go to the contact us page to secure your place on the waiting list.



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