Timing is Everything: NOS Stabilite Lenses on Ebay

Through quite a coincidence, four days after I posted about one of our upcoming projects.  To read about our quest to reproduce Bantam headlight lenses, click here.  The seller has had some of these lenses in the past and had asked a good deal less at that point then they are now.  I think I had actually purchased one from them at the time.  Now, they are asking $224.99 for each lens.  One other vendor asks $180 for these lenses, and there are rumors that another vendor asks routinely over $300 for each lens (I have not verified this price but am just echoing comments people have made in the past).

When these lenses have ended up on ebay in the past, they have been at the center of bidding wars reflecting the adage that Bantam parts change hands at the price a buyer is willing to pay and a seller is willing to receive.  All of our cars need two lenses, which today could cost $500.  It never hurts to have a spare as they are only held into the headlight housing by pressure exerted on the glass from the internal assembly.  As there are no screws or protective trim rings, these have been known to sake loose and fall out.  At $250 each, you may want to drive without lenses and put them in the car only when you are showing it.

This is why we are embarking upon a journey that will hopefully result in the ability to manufacture new lenses for Bantam headlights.  To get the project rolling, we need to have 100 lenses sold, that’s enough headlight lenses for 50 cars.  Currently, the price point is under $100.  Once we have enough commitments, a final price will be determinable.  Finally, after over 70 years, a steady supply of newly minted headlight lenses will be available at a set price that will not be driven up by demand.  In fact, the price of lenses may be driven down by higher demand.  Think of the possibilities!

Stabilite Lens NOS

Click here to see the: Bantam Headlight Lenses

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