Light Colored Roadster Factory Photo

There is a photo of the Bantam 60 line being introduced at the factory with several executives standing in front of the cars. Here is the photo:

panoramic bantam photo

One of the photos that usually surfaces from this photo shoot is:

bantam 60 factory photo

However, from the dark color and angle, a lot of details are difficult to see.  It almost looks like the car has numerous custom touches compared with a stock standard roadster.  This car is clearly visible at the left side of the line up above.  Toward the center of the panoramic photo, six men are blocking the bulk of a Panel truck and what looks to be a light colored roadster.  Perhaps the photo of the light colored car is well know, however, I have never seen it.  It’s a shame that the auction ended before I found it, but I am glad I found it among the completed items.

Given the light color of this roadster in this factory photo, you can see a lot of original details which are very difficult to see in the photos of the darker colored car.  How many details can you spot?

bantam roadster factory photo

Click here to see the: Factory Roadster Photo


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