New Floor Pans for Austins and Bantams

When you are working with orphan brands, you are usually lucky if you can find used parts let alone new parts.  Although they only built 26,000 Austins and Bantams over a ten year production run, their following is a very strong and passionate one.  Around the world, people find themselves impressed by the little cars, perhaps that why there are many people working tirelessly to ensure the cars that do remain can be returned to the road.

As you may know, these were economy cars.  That translated into thin steel in places and even thinner paint (or none) in others.  As a result, many surviving examples have had their floors replaced, or need just that.  While the floors are flat and can be easily patched, they do have beading which may be difficult to match.

One club member has taken it upon himself to reproduce these floors by actually stamping them from new sheet metal which is slightly thicker than the original ones.  He stamps not only the left and right floor pans, but also the parcel shelf that goes over the rear axle as well.



On my personal project, the floor pans look great in photos, however up close they have been pitted to near oblivion by the environment making them even thinner than they were from the factory.  In the coming weeks, I will be replacing the floors in my car with these beautiful replacements and will keep you updated on the progress.


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