Hempfling’s Log

If you have been into Bantams for a while, you may have heard of Hempfling’s log.  Mr. Hempfling was the final inspector of all American Bantams produced.  Every car or chassis which passed him on the way out of the factory is entered into this book.  For each of the 6,000 cars and 70 BRCs, there is a note correlating the body number with the engine number and the final inspection date as well as the configuration of the car when it left the factory.  It also includes some other information including running changes made to the cars as they emerged.  Some entries are more comprehensive than others as the production run neared its end.  For example, at the end even the color of most cars was noted where as this was not the case for early units.

I recently learned that at one point a Bantam owner could get an Authenticity Certificated based off of the information within this book.  While that has not been the practice for some time, it does show the regard within which this book is held.

Right now, there is a reproduction of the book on ebay that comes along with a very heft price tag.  If you are interested in a copy, there is a club member who can help you in securing a new reproduction at a much more reasonable cost.

Click here to see the listing: Hempfling’s log

On an interesting note, Mr. Hempfling owned one of the earliest Bantam coupes to roll off the line.  His car still exists in its original, weathered, condition in Texas.  I believe it is on display.  Although I tried to find a photo of the well enjoyed car, I haven’t had any success this morning.


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