Saturday Morning Helping of Bantam

BRC Historical Photo

There haven’t been too many of these photos lately on ebay.  Have you seen this photo before?


Click for the link: Leaping BRC Photo

1938 Bantam grille, Ornament, and center trim

This is a really nice set up.  A nice, although repaired, 15 slat grille, with a hood ornament and most of the center stainless strip.  This is a great piece for your car or wall.  I kind of want to throw a bid in on it too!


Click here to see the listing: Bantam Grille

Parabeam Headlights

If you have a 1930-1931 American Austin, there are a few oddities which set your car apart from the later Austins.  One such item is the headlight lens itself.  In the first years of production, Parabeam supplied the lenses for the large Austin headlights.  These were subsequently phased out and replaced with Spreadlight lenses.

As the Spreadlight units were used on a plethora of applications beyond the Austins, they are much more common.  Unlike Spreadlight lenses, Parabeam lenses just do not show up that often.  On ebay, there is a pair of complete headlights with Parabeam lenses.  These headlight assemblies came from a car which sold through this website.  In an unfortunate case were a long stored project car is being cut up, the owner is making an effort to share the spare parts with other American Austin enthusiasts to help complete other people’s restorations.

While it’s unfortunate that the car has been taken from the ranks of the restorable Austins out there, it is good that the car is being returned to the road and its pieces are being offered to restorers.


Click for the link: Parabeam Headlights


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