American Bantams at Barrett Jackson

Last night five little cars put on quite a show, four American Bantams and one American Austin.  These five, nicely restored, Bantam sized classics crossed the Barrett Jackson auction block at around 8PM EST.  It’s not every day you see a Bantam on television, in fact, then again it’s not every day that you see a Bantam at all.


1939 American Bantam Utility Wagon Crossing the Auction Block

For some more information on the company that built these incredible cars and invented the Jeep, click here.  If seeing these cars piqued your interest in America’s First solid effort at mass producing a microcar, you may wish to consider joining the Austin Bantam Society or American Austin Bantam Club where you will find yourself among the company of some truly great people.  If you’d like to check out these cars in person, the AABC will be hosting its annual meet in Reading, PA this July and the ABS will be holding one in the early fall.

If you’re looking for a fun little car to take on a jaunt to dinner or something sure to steal the show wherever you go, the Bantam is for you.  If you’re looking for a small classic car which you can work on or store in limited space, the Bantam is for you.  If a car which was designed by numerous world class designers interests you, consider a Bantam.  If you’re considering a great car to introduce your family to the classic car hobby, which are fairly simply built out of very few parts, the Bantam is your car.  Perhaps you even heard Craig Jackson mention that, at 10, an American Bantam Roadster was his first restoration.

As I’m sure you can tell, I’m a fan of these cars and the great people who collect them.  If you’re looking for a car or project, there are bunch of them on this site which are currently available.  If you already have a car but need some parts or guidance, drop a line.  If there is something in particular which you are looking for, please go to the contact us tab and let us know.

We’re glad you stopped by and hope you consider a Bantam in your future!


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