The paradox of choice.

Listed as a 1940 Roadster, a seller in Kansas City, MO has offered up a lovely two toned vehicle which I know I will be watching.  Before I get a bit too verbose, here is the car:

American bantam roadster KCMO 4

Click here to see listing for the: American Bantam Roadster

There is something about this car that I like.  It’s certainly not very authentic, but I like it.  It has the worn in look of a favorite pair of shoes.  You could slip right into it and hopefully putter off with minimal effort.   Beside the fact that the car is too small to probably get door dinged in a parking lot, you still wouldn’t worry about them too much in this car, even if you had to.

As I mentioned, the seller has listed it as a 1940, but that likely is not accurate.  Then again, does accuracy really change the way the wind feels in your face or the feeling of your mouth tightening into a smile?

Some things to note:

  • Buyer states the vin number is 60134, which would indicate a 60 series 1938 American Bantam and the car has numerous details from an early car
  • Two main bearing engine which appears to have the early 1938 aluminum head with separate water outlet


If you are looking for something a bit more authentic, there is always this car:

1938 American Bantam Roadster st louis 7

Click here to see this: 1938 American Bantam Roadster

Or if you’re looking to bring an original car back from the brink, this may be just the thing for you:


Click here to see the 1939 American Bantam Roadster

The last of the three cars above is my own project.  However I would probably want to get into something like the top car to start with rather than a complete project.  The best way to do it is to buy the driver and restore the project as you see fit.

It’s funny, when I first started my Bantam journey, there were very few options available.  Today, you have three examples in varying condition on ebay alone.  There are multiple for sale through this website, and scores for sale on the current Everything Bantam Lead Sheet.  If you’re looking for a car, this is a pretty good time to be looking.



American Bantams at Barrett Jackson

Last night five little cars put on quite a show, four American Bantams and one American Austin.  These five, nicely restored, Bantam sized classics crossed the Barrett Jackson auction block at around 8PM EST.  It’s not every day you see a Bantam on television, in fact, then again it’s not every day that you see a Bantam at all.


1939 American Bantam Utility Wagon Crossing the Auction Block

For some more information on the company that built these incredible cars and invented the Jeep, click here.  If seeing these cars piqued your interest in America’s First solid effort at mass producing a microcar, you may wish to consider joining the Austin Bantam Society or American Austin Bantam Club where you will find yourself among the company of some truly great people.  If you’d like to check out these cars in person, the AABC will be hosting its annual meet in Reading, PA this July and the ABS will be holding one in the early fall.

If you’re looking for a fun little car to take on a jaunt to dinner or something sure to steal the show wherever you go, the Bantam is for you.  If you’re looking for a small classic car which you can work on or store in limited space, the Bantam is for you.  If a car which was designed by numerous world class designers interests you, consider a Bantam.  If you’re considering a great car to introduce your family to the classic car hobby, which are fairly simply built out of very few parts, the Bantam is your car.  Perhaps you even heard Craig Jackson mention that, at 10, an American Bantam Roadster was his first restoration.

As I’m sure you can tell, I’m a fan of these cars and the great people who collect them.  If you’re looking for a car or project, there are bunch of them on this site which are currently available.  If you already have a car but need some parts or guidance, drop a line.  If there is something in particular which you are looking for, please go to the contact us tab and let us know.

We’re glad you stopped by and hope you consider a Bantam in your future!

Weekend Special!

The owner of a lovely 1938 Bantam coupe advertising on this website asked me to drop the car to a new for 2016 price.  From what I’ve heard, it’s a gorgeous car that will make any owner proud.  Click on the photo below to see this stunning car in all of it’s lowered price glory:



Attention viewers! Do you have any spare parts you’d like to sell?

Besides linking you to the most current eBay auctions, is about much more.  The concept embodied by this website is a lot broader than I can let on at this point, as developing it one stage at a time is the only way to do it properly.  Revealing the complete plans would leave you wondering why I am so slow at getting this thing together.  So, besides providing you with a frequent blog of items for sale and a listing of vehicles for sale, I am now listing parts both for sale and wanted.

Please take a few moments to check out the new used parts for sale sections and the NOS / reproduction parts for sale sections.  The purpose of these pages is to make your restoration just a little bit easier.  Remember, eBay auctions only last several days and craigslist ads have mysterious lifespans that no one fully understands, however a listing here runs until sold.  The idea behind this system is to keep leads alive as long as possible, this way parts and cars don’t slip back into the woodwork to be forgotten about until the next time an owner is motivated to put the effort into selling.  I want people who are looking for parts to be able to get exactly what they need so their project isn’t put on hold at the whim of some rare piece.  I want you to have options available, so not only are you getting a part you need, but the best one for you.

Right now, there are only a few listings; but browse a bit and show your support.  If you have anything you’re looking for, contact me to place an ad.  If you have somethings you wouldn’t mind selling to clear some space in your garage, there is plenty of room here.  If you manufacture reproduction parts or perform some essential service for our hobby, your listing is wanted.

Working together, we can create something amazing; and I would love for you to be part of it.



And We’re Back! More parts are on eBay with a new seller on the market.

The last few weeks have been something for Austin and Bantam enthusiasts.  There has been at least one useful part on every day, and not just useless bulbs that spammers list as appropriate for every car built.  Unfortunately, while caught in the midst of this windfall of parts, both my computer and myself were in less that prime shape.  I would like to apologize for missing some of the great items listed last week, but I don’t see a similar slip up happening in the near future.  We have a few sellers with great items, so I will break it down by seller:

Today I am posting the listings of joegingerichjr.  More to follow.

Bantam hubcap 1:

bantam hubcap 1

Click here to check out: Bantam Hubcap 1    Sold for: 33.25

Bantam Hubcap 2:

Bantam Hubcap 2

Click here to check out: Bantam Hubcap 2  Sold for: 68.25

Bantam (American Austin) Starter:

Bantam (American Austin) Starter

Click here to check out: Bantam (American Austin) Starter   Sold for: 88.88

American Austin Headlight Buckets:

American Austin Headlight Buckets

Note, one of these headlights has the lower retaining ring screw hole off center which would likely make its original application a late 33-34 American Austin without a headlight bar.  Thank you for the tip Drew!

Click here to check out: American Austin Headlight Buckets    Sold for: 280.00

American Austin Parabeam Headlamp Lenses

American Austin Parabeam Headlamp Lenses

Click here to check out: American Austin Parabeam Headlamp Lenses  177.50

See you tomorrow!


Emblems on eBay: 1940 style

If you’ve been looking for a pair of emblems for a 1940 project, now may be your chance.  I haven’t been tracking Bantam items as long as many of my readers, but there are some items which you just don’t seem to come across that often.  Lately, carbs and Austin headlight parts seem to be quite popular, although pricey.  I’ve only seen one of these Bantam emblems in the past three years, and it disappeared with a buy it now.  These have some issues and could mostly use a rechrome and paint to match your car, but otherwise they are pretty decent.

 bantam emblems 1940

Click here to see these emblems: 1940 American Bantam Hood Side Emblems (Pair) Nice

Also, I have my lap top back from a long stint being repaired.  Please look forward to some new updates and expedited posts coming in the near future.  If anything should be a recommendation for a Microsoft Surface, it should be the fact that I have been using one exclusively for managing this website for almost two months.

The New Arrival

If you haven’t had the chance to comb through the website lately, there has been a new Roadster project added.  I had hinted to its arrival last week, but it is finally up and listed.  If you’re looking for a great start of a project, and a 1938 Bantam Roadster, this may be perfect for you.  There are a lot of cars that have been treated to some restoration efforts out there, but it is fairly infrequent that a project comes up for sale.  If you’re the type of person who likes to take on a project from the very beginning, this is a rare opportunity.

P1040783 (2)

The New 1938 Bantam Roadster Project On the Market