Emblems on eBay: 1940 style

If you’ve been looking for a pair of emblems for a 1940 project, now may be your chance.  I haven’t been tracking Bantam items as long as many of my readers, but there are some items which you just don’t seem to come across that often.  Lately, carbs and Austin headlight parts seem to be quite popular, although pricey.  I’ve only seen one of these Bantam emblems in the past three years, and it disappeared with a buy it now.  These have some issues and could mostly use a rechrome and paint to match your car, but otherwise they are pretty decent.

 bantam emblems 1940

Click here to see these emblems: 1940 American Bantam Hood Side Emblems (Pair) Nice

Also, I have my lap top back from a long stint being repaired.  Please look forward to some new updates and expedited posts coming in the near future.  If anything should be a recommendation for a Microsoft Surface, it should be the fact that I have been using one exclusively for managing this website for almost two months.


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