More goodies! This is one busy week.

I can barely keep up with all of these parts being posted this week.  It almost seems that what ever treasure you may be missing for your Bantam, it could be here sooner than you think.

First up, a pair of gauges have made it to ebay:


Click here to see the speedometer: American Bantam and BRC jeep speedometer working unit 1938-41  Sold for: 485.00

Bantam cluster

Click here to see the gauge cluster: American Bantam Gauge cluster 1938-41  Sold for:  232.50

A rare 1938 aluminum Bantam head has also emerged on ebay today.  These are fairly difficult to find as most of these have been replaced with their cast iron replacements which were used through the end of Bantam production.

aluminum bantam head

Click here to see the head: 1938 American Bantam Rare Aluminum Cylinder head Sold for: 89.88

The seller also has a nice looking rebuilt starter:

rebuilt bantam starter

Click here to see the starter:American Austin or Bantam Rebuilt Starter Motor Auto-lite MAK-4001 Sold for: 182.46

A trio of used bantam closed car door handles has recently come on as well.  They look like they will clean up nicely.  Compared to the price of the NOS ones available, these are very attractively options.

bantam door handles

Click here to bid on the handles: American Bantam Closed car door exterior door handles Sold for: 53.40

If you’re not interested in buying only a few bits and pieces.  There is a seller in Massachusetts who is selling a heap of parts including a Bantam Riviera and Roadster.  There are some engines and other pieces.  What pieces are missing and what is actually there is completely unknown.  For the $9,000 buy it now, you will probably have enough parts to trade with other people to find what you need to build which ever car you hope to keep.  If you’re close to Mass, this may not be too bad of a buy.

bantam parts lot

If you’re interested in viewing the entire lot click here:  Bantam Roadster Riviera and Parts lot


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