A later Brennan Imp has come up for sale

Do you need an engine for your Bantam and are feeling adventurous?  Or do you have a three main engine that needs parts?

In Chepachet Rode Island, a seller on ebay has an early-ish version of the late Brennan Imp.  The cylinder block has the D-8831 casting number on it, which could directly be used in a 3 main rebuild.  If you are in need of parts for a Bantam three main engine, the bits which should directly work are: the pistons, connecting rods, distributor, starter,  cam shaft (although it may have a different profile) and valve train, valve cover, and spark plugs.  The crankshaft would work, but it would require modification at a machine shop in order to be adaptable (as per several sources including correspondence between Brennan and a Bantam enthusiast in the 1940’s).

If you’re looking for a complete and original Brennan, this looks like a nice unit.  Please note:  the intake has been modified and it is missing several parts including the shifter lever, the correct carburetor, and flywheel cover.

I’m glad to see that this engine has survived and hope that it will get into good hands.  Will those hands be yours?



Click here to see the listing: Brennan Imp


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