A matter of timing

Here is stock number 666 of the Perfection Gear Co. – Chicago:

american austin timing gear 3

It looks vaguely familiar, right?  However, there is something that has you scratching your head.  It has 30 teeth and looks like something you’ve definitely seen before, the cam gear of an American Austin engine.

american austin timing gear

It does look quite familiar, however, it isn’t a cast iron piece, but is actually a fiber gear. Something which, to my knowledge, did not come on an Austin from the factory.  Fiber gears were known for their silent running characteristics.  When when properly made (and stored) they can supposedly live a long and healthy life in an engine.  However, they do have a reputation for silently stripping and eventually letting go.

Personally, I don’t think I would run a fiber gear in my Austin and risk plugging up the small oil passages with fiber gunk.  However, the box is cool and the part is probably something you wont find again.

If you are considering buying this for your car, please note that Austins and Bantams used a variety of different timing gears.  You should check your application before taking the plunge.

Click here to see the Austin Fiber Timing Gear

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A later Brennan Imp has come up for sale

Do you need an engine for your Bantam and are feeling adventurous?  Or do you have a three main engine that needs parts?

In Chepachet Rode Island, a seller on ebay has an early-ish version of the late Brennan Imp.  The cylinder block has the D-8831 casting number on it, which could directly be used in a 3 main rebuild.  If you are in need of parts for a Bantam three main engine, the bits which should directly work are: the pistons, connecting rods, distributor, starter,  cam shaft (although it may have a different profile) and valve train, valve cover, and spark plugs.  The crankshaft would work, but it would require modification at a machine shop in order to be adaptable (as per several sources including correspondence between Brennan and a Bantam enthusiast in the 1940’s).

If you’re looking for a complete and original Brennan, this looks like a nice unit.  Please note:  the intake has been modified and it is missing several parts including the shifter lever, the correct carburetor, and flywheel cover.

I’m glad to see that this engine has survived and hope that it will get into good hands.  Will those hands be yours?



Click here to see the listing: Brennan Imp

Spring Is Here Early! Seriously, Austin and Bantam Springs are for sale.

A seller, calling the birth place of the Bantam home, has listed some essential parts for our little cars.  If you are putting a car together, you know you’d like to have some new springs that otherwise may seem like consumables.  This seller has throttle pedal return springs and clutch finger springs.  I will be placing my orders tonight if there are some left.  (save some for me)

Pedal return springs:
Note the seller has two spring variations reflecting the differences between Bantams and Austins

pedal springs
Click here to see the springs: American Austin – American Bantam throttle return springs Sold for: 18.00

Clutch springs:
clutch springs

Click below to see the seller’s offerings:

Set of 3 springs:  American Austin – American Bantam (set of 3) clutch finger springs “mousetrap” Sold for: 28.00

Single springs: American Austin – American Bantam ONE clutch finger springs “mousetrap” Sold for: 10.00

More offerings from JoeGingerichJr, including a very nice Bantam speedometer!

For the past few weeks, JoeGingerichJr has been populating eBay with a steady stream of Bantam parts.  Last night, he listed a nice rebuilt Bantam speedometer for sale with a face having a nice amount of patina.  If you need one, this could be a great opportunity for you.  The bezel even looks great!

Bantam / BRC speedometer

bantam speedometerspeedometer 2 speedometer 3 speedometer 4

Click here to see the eBay listing: Bantam Speedometer- Rebuilt Sold for: 660.00

Taillight Bracket 1:

From the angle of these photos, it’s difficult to determine what the first bracket actually fits.  From the pitting, I would venture to guess it is an original part, but the photos don’t allow us to see whether the cross-section of the stalk is u shaped.  From the length, this look like it could be a bracket for a 34 Austin or a 38-40 Bantam roadster, but I am not sure.  At 10, it may be worth trying to pick it up.

taillight bracketClick here to see the eBay listing: Austin / Bantam Tail Light Bracket  Sold for: 27.99

Austin Taillight with Bracket (Bantam) and license plate bracket

If you look closely at this photo, you will see the curve I mentioned in the above post.  I was under the believe that all Austin and Bantam stalk style tail light brackets have some degree of a curve.  This one more closely resembles what I have seen on some cars.  This style may be what you’re looking for; please check your application.

taillight with bracket1

Click here to see the eBay listing:Austin Tail Light and Bracket Sold for:

A pair of Austin Headlights

This pair of lights looks fairly complete minus the lenses.  Note, the rims should have circular holes for the retaining screws at the bottom.

austin headlights

Click here to see the eBay listing: Austin Headlights Sold for: 102.50

Austin / Bantam Clutch parts

Clutch parts

Click here to see the eBay listing: Austin / Bantam Clutch  Sold for: 198.00

More parts have shown up on eBay: joegingerichjr strikes again

Joegingerichjr has posted some more items.  Although I haven’t had too many things to bid on, I may have to cast a bid in on the NOS window regulator.  I’m not sure how mine are, but it would be great to have one guaranteed to operate properly (and to give me an idea of what is wrong with all of my parts).  The last set of parts that sold are all things we have seen before on ebay, so the prices were fairly predictable.  Now, we have a wholly different group of items, and my guess as to what they will go for is as good as yours.

Pistons 1:

Pistons 1If anyone knows more about the pistons, please let me know.  They look completely different from any of the Bantam pistons I have seen, and have much thicker walls than I am used to.  The only piston I have seen that bears a resemblance to these is a late 50’s replacement I saw with a 3 main engine that blew up, but was never rebuilt.  Please note the correct bore sizes for your application.

Click here to see the eBay listing: 8 American Austin Bantam Pistons No Sale

American Austin/ Bantam Generator support

 Generator bracket

This mount should work for 1934-1940 Applications, with some 1933’s thrown in for good luck.

Click here to see the eBay listing: Bantam (American Austin) Front Engine Piece Sold for: 42.99

American Austin / Bantam Cooling Fan and Pulley

Bantam Fan

Somehow, these fans and pulleys always seem to get lost.  This unit looks as though it will fit an Austin or Bantam with a V-belt and a traditional generator.  However, note that there are some differences in the fan blades themselves.  I believe one of the variations of the fan blade looked as though it had a doubly thick mounting section.

Click here to see the eBay listing: American Austin Engine Fan & Pully  Sold for: 20.00

Austin / Bantam Piston 2

bantam pistons 2Same thing as the pistons above, they don’t look like the pistons I’ve seen come out of engines.  Maybe they are old replacements?

Click here to see the eBay listing: 2nd set of pistons  Sold for: ??

Bantam Outside Door Handles:

$_57This is a nice matched set of original Bantam outside door handles.  If you must have a door handle with a lock, you may want to bid as only non-locking handles are available NOS at this time.  Another thought is, since there is no key, unless you have a lock smith who can reverse engineer a key the lock will only be for decoration as there is no key.  Also, don’t forget, the lock goes on the passenger side.  Looking at the photos again, I realize that there may be missing parts from the locking door handle.  I have one, which is basically missing the same parts.  Does anyone have a photo of a complete unit that I can post for comparison?

Click here to see the eBay listing: American Bantam Outside Door Handles Sold for: 20.00

Period Correct Horn:

bantam horn

Here’s one that I’m not very sure of.  The horn is a Bosch.  From my recollection Bantams and Austins did not use a Bosch horn.  I believe they are listed as using E.A. Labs, Schwarze, and Motovox horns.  You may want to make sure this is right for your car before bidding.  However, finding a horn for a Bantam is like finding a needle in a haystack; so if you like this period horn, why not enlist its services to let everyone know you’re coming through.

Click here to see the eBay listing: Bosch Horn Sold for: 107.50

NOS window regulator:

Bantam window regulator

I’m not sure if there are any differences between the window regulators used in Bantams and Austins.  Either way, this is a nicely preserved example, which at the very least will give me some photos to help rebuild mine.

Click here to see the eBay listing: American Bantam WIndow Regulator Sold for: 153.15

1939-1940 Bantam Hood Sides

Bantam Hood sides 1These hood sides appear to have no holes punched for either two vertical stripes of trim or Bantam emblems.  It is most likely that these are for a commercial truck or a passenger car with lower trim designation.  They look nice and straight and can be a bear to find in any condition.

Click here to see the eBay listing:American Bantam Hood Sides  Sold for: 100.00

Attention viewers! Do you have any spare parts you’d like to sell?

Besides linking you to the most current eBay auctions, trustinrust.com is about much more.  The concept embodied by this website is a lot broader than I can let on at this point, as developing it one stage at a time is the only way to do it properly.  Revealing the complete plans would leave you wondering why I am so slow at getting this thing together.  So, besides providing you with a frequent blog of items for sale and a listing of vehicles for sale, I am now listing parts both for sale and wanted.

Please take a few moments to check out the new used parts for sale sections and the NOS / reproduction parts for sale sections.  The purpose of these pages is to make your restoration just a little bit easier.  Remember, eBay auctions only last several days and craigslist ads have mysterious lifespans that no one fully understands, however a listing here runs until sold.  The idea behind this system is to keep leads alive as long as possible, this way parts and cars don’t slip back into the woodwork to be forgotten about until the next time an owner is motivated to put the effort into selling.  I want people who are looking for parts to be able to get exactly what they need so their project isn’t put on hold at the whim of some rare piece.  I want you to have options available, so not only are you getting a part you need, but the best one for you.

Right now, there are only a few listings; but browse a bit and show your support.  If you have anything you’re looking for, contact me to place an ad.  If you have somethings you wouldn’t mind selling to clear some space in your garage, there is plenty of room here.  If you manufacture reproduction parts or perform some essential service for our hobby, your listing is wanted.

Working together, we can create something amazing; and I would love for you to be part of it.



Almost missed this one: Tillotson M10A Carb – American Austin

One of those pieces that is nearly impossible to find in decent shape (besides a crank shaft) is a Carb.  Here is your chance to purchase a nice looking Tillotson Carb.  If you need one for your car, this is it.  If you don’t need one, but don’t have a spare, maybe you do actually need one?  Either way, click on the link below to see how the seller advertises this magnificent piece of aluminum and bid often.

This is the link to click to get to eBay –> Tillotson M 10 A American Austin Carb Sold for: 124.99

Tillotson M10A carb for an American Austin

Tillotson M10A carb for an American Austin