Bantam BRC Pilot Replica for sale!

As a Bantam enthusiast, it may seem difficult to avoid the BRC these days; and that is not a bad thing.  In a time when fewer and fewer people know what a Bantam civilian car even is; the BRC is a great way to reintroduce the world to the little car company that did.  Even if the Jeep doesn’t do it for you as an enthusiast, think about its importance in two ways.  First, the Jeep is pretty important to our history.  Secondly, any press is good press for our little cars, the more folks we can bring to our hobby, the better!

Showing people around the world, that one of the vehicles most responsible for the freedoms they enjoy today is directly traceable to a small city in western Pennsylvania can be eye opening.  There are a bunch of people hoping to get the story out about the economy car company that may have saved our world.  Besides those two big BRC events planned this year, there has been at least one book published recently focusing on the development of the Reconnaissance Car.  If you want to help spread the word about the BRC and American Bantam, helping support a project to make a mini-series for television may be an excellent means to do so.

Now, if you’re not too familiar with crowd funding, these campaigns are usually fantastic because you have a chance to get something in return for your donation, other than the satisfaction that you are helping someone’s dreams come true.  Unlike other campaigns where you can buy a hoodie, a key chain, a copy of the product, or even differ with a celebrity; the folks at this campaign have really set the bar high.  For a $100,000 donation, you can get a BRC pilot car replica!  Now, they are seeking to raise $1.2 million, so if twelve people get together to buy pilot cars, this campaign will be successful in no time!  Now, lets get together and help get our little cars the fame they deserve. (Also, I personally hope that this mini-series will feature ample shots of people driving civilian Bantam cars.  I can’t see it making too much sent to have Roy Evans driving around a Chevy)

Check out the campaign here:  Buy a BRC

BRC idiegogo


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