Save this piece of history!

Here is a terrific opportunity to be a guardian of history.  The seller has protected this well antiqued collection of dealer documents.  Included in the lot are well used service manuals showing the evolution of Bantam parts pricing, letters to the particular dealer, sheets instructing salesman on the particular models, as well as information on how to prep the cars and break them in.

I would love this lot, but this needs to go to someone who will cherish it and make it available to the club.  The fact sheet explaining the glideaway clutch, scientific sound deadening, and firestone motor mounts is but one of the many treasures in the lot.  Touting “big-car” appearance and finish, shows what type of sales pitch the average bantam buyer was serenaded with before taking the plunge.

If you are the luck bidder, and you have a Xerox machine (or generic photocopier, or scanner), this would be a wonderful thing to share with your fellow Bantam owners.  If by some chance this does not end up being shared, below are a few photos which I hope you will take the time to save for future reference.

Click here to see the ebay listing: Treasure trove of Bantam Papers Sold for: 47.35


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