Some Bantam items to suit your fancy:

BRC with minor upgrades:

Isn’t this how most people modify their Bantams?  On a more serious note, if this is something you want, remember to bid early and often as there is nearly guaranteed to be a sniper waiting at the end of the auction for this one.

BRC Tank Killer 1

Click here to see the listing: WWII T2E1 37mm Gun Motor Carriage (Version 3) Bantam BRC-40 Jeep Press Photo Sold for: 47.00

Some back issues of the AABC club news:

aabc 1965 8 aabc 1965 10 aabc 1969




A new BRC plastic model:

BRC kitClick here to see the listing: NEW Asuka model 1/24 American Bantam reconnaissance car plamo Japan Toy Model

An American Austin coupe rear cross member

Austin rear cross memberClick here to see the listing: 1930 – 1935 American Austin Coupe / Sedan rear frame crossmember

An original proof copy of the AABC Authenticity Manual:

Unless you are buying this as a keepsake, it has been recommended by the AABC that you do not buy this to ensure your car is Authentically Restored.  This is likely one of the early proofs which was circulated to Bantam Enthusiasts before the Authenticity Manual was released and may contain errors.

authenticity manual proofClick here to see the listing: Details about American Austin Bantam Car Club Authenticity Book $29.95

American Bantam Factory Post Card

Bantam Factory post card


American Austin/ Bantam intake manifold:

Broken intake manualClick here to see the listing: BANTAM – AMERICAN AUSTIN EARLY INLET MANIFOLD B1397 1930 1931 1932 19.95

American Austin / Bantam Clutch Springs

Pressure plate springsClick here to see the listing: American Austin pressure plate arm springs 1930 – 1935 Sold for: 19.00

NOS starter brushes

Starter BrushesClick here to see the listing: NOS STARTER BRUSHES1930s AMERICAN AUSTIN – BANTAM – CROSLEY LOOK!!!

Bantam BRC Pilot Replica for sale!

As a Bantam enthusiast, it may seem difficult to avoid the BRC these days; and that is not a bad thing.  In a time when fewer and fewer people know what a Bantam civilian car even is; the BRC is a great way to reintroduce the world to the little car company that did.  Even if the Jeep doesn’t do it for you as an enthusiast, think about its importance in two ways.  First, the Jeep is pretty important to our history.  Secondly, any press is good press for our little cars, the more folks we can bring to our hobby, the better!

Showing people around the world, that one of the vehicles most responsible for the freedoms they enjoy today is directly traceable to a small city in western Pennsylvania can be eye opening.  There are a bunch of people hoping to get the story out about the economy car company that may have saved our world.  Besides those two big BRC events planned this year, there has been at least one book published recently focusing on the development of the Reconnaissance Car.  If you want to help spread the word about the BRC and American Bantam, helping support a project to make a mini-series for television may be an excellent means to do so.

Now, if you’re not too familiar with crowd funding, these campaigns are usually fantastic because you have a chance to get something in return for your donation, other than the satisfaction that you are helping someone’s dreams come true.  Unlike other campaigns where you can buy a hoodie, a key chain, a copy of the product, or even differ with a celebrity; the folks at this campaign have really set the bar high.  For a $100,000 donation, you can get a BRC pilot car replica!  Now, they are seeking to raise $1.2 million, so if twelve people get together to buy pilot cars, this campaign will be successful in no time!  Now, lets get together and help get our little cars the fame they deserve. (Also, I personally hope that this mini-series will feature ample shots of people driving civilian Bantam cars.  I can’t see it making too much sent to have Roy Evans driving around a Chevy)

Check out the campaign here:  Buy a BRC

BRC idiegogo

Double Find! NOS Hupmobile Instrument Cluster and BRC Historical Photo

The wonderful thing about ebay is that you never know what other great items a seller may have.  After getting the tip about an NOS Hupmobile Instrument Cluster, I saw the seller also had an amazing original press photo of the BRC.

In 1935 and 1936, Hupmobile produced a series of cars that utilized two Stewart Warner gauge pods.  One was a speedometer, and the other a four gauge cluster.  Midway through 1936, Hupmobile discontinued production for over a year and many suppliers were left with spare parts and tooling for these low production and seldom seen luxury cars.  When Bantam was preparing for production, fate intervened and these gauges were updated for the new line of American Bantam cars.  The most obvious modifications to the gauges were the visual updates.  The speedometer was printed for 80 mph in stead of 100.  The needle was replaced with a more substantial, black, art deco pointer.

The gauge cluster on the other hand went through the most changes, and even went through an evolution with Bantam installations.  In the beginning, the Bantam civilian cars received a 3 gauge face featuring an ampere gauge on the left, a gas gauge on the bottom, and an oil pressure gauge on the right.  Out of these gauges, only the oil pressure gauge changed with the engine offering’s.  The early cars had a pressure gauge going from zero to 15 lbs, the pressurized crank two main engines received a scale from zero to 25 lbs, and the three main engines received a zero to 50 lb scale.  The BRC’s received a four gauge cluster similar to the Hupmobile unit.  However, the BRC piece utilized a different configuration with the Bantam art work.  At the 12 o’clock position clockwise, the BRC had a 30 Ampere gauge, a 50 lb oil pressure gauge, a fuel gauge, and a temperature gauge.  For some reason, the temperature gauge and oil pressure gauge were oriented directly opposite of the Hupmobile gauge.

Beyond the gauges them selves, two other changes existed between the bantam gauges.  The earlier cars had a flat glass lens which was modified to a piece of curved glass for the late 39 cars and retained for the BRC.  The other major Bantam gauge difference was the gauge face color.  Beyond the black gauges which were rumored to be used in commercial vehicles, the other colors consisted of a spectrum varying from silver to crème to gold.  Some say the color of these gauges altered quickly with the sun, so many of the gauges you will see are more charming due to their patina.

If you look carefully, these Hupmobile gauges also have small rectangular tabs for retaining them to the dashboard whereas the Bantam utilized three metal clamps.  The two outer were clamped on utilizing the choke and headlight controls and a larger bracket held the insides of the gauges against the dash, using the ignition switch as a point of attachment.

Enough about gauges, here are a couple of links to check out on eBay.  Due to some changes in the market for these gauges, it is unclear what this Hupmobile specimen will go for and how the value even relates to the Bantam parts. However, if you need a gauge and would like the luxury of having a working gauge without investing $1000 or more in a rebuild, this is a great opportunity to fill your dashboard.

1935 - 1936 Hupmobile Instrument Cluster (American Bantam, BRC)

1935 – 1936 Hupmobile Instrument Cluster (American Bantam, BRC)

Click here for the Hupmobile Instrument cluster: 1935 Hupmobile Instrument Cluster Sold for: 499.00

bantam willys Jeep 1941

Bantam BRC Press Photo

Click here for the BRC original photo: BRC Press Photo Sold for: 76.00

Happy Bidding!

9 hours left! BRC-40 Action shots (three new finds)

If you like the BRC’s, you know how hard it can be to find forgotten relics thereof.  Although buying a BRC may be out of most of our budgets, buying memorabilia usually isn’t.  These are three great action shots of Bantam Jeeps in action.  Display these on your wall with pride, knowing that the tiny car company that brought you here helped pave the way for so many of the things we continue to appreciate today.

Action shot one: BRC-60 Action Shot 1  Sold for: 103.50

BRC Action Shot

BRC Action Shot

Action shot two: BRC-60 Action Shot 2  Sold for:  76.00

 $_57 (2)

Action shot three: BRC-60 Action Shot 3 Sold for: 80.89

$_57 (3)

Happy Bidding!

Find of the day: Vintage BRC Press Photo

Have you been looking for that unique BRC photo for your collection?  Perhaps looking for a nifty photo to put on the cover of your club magazine?  Then look no further!

Up for auction, with 5.5 days left as of this post, is a 1941 photo of a BRC filled to the brim with politicians.  Clearly the BRC must have been something, look at the smile on the man’s face all the way to the left.  Get your bid in now by clicking here: BRC Climbing Steps

Please remember, even if you are planning to snipe bid, please cast a small bid through the links on this website.  If you only cast a bid later on or through the snipe service, this site will not be given the appropriate credit from ebay for referrals.

brc steps

brc 2

Sold for:202.51