Find of the day: Vintage BRC Press Photo

Have you been looking for that unique BRC photo for your collection?  Perhaps looking for a nifty photo to put on the cover of your club magazine?  Then look no further!

Up for auction, with 5.5 days left as of this post, is a 1941 photo of a BRC filled to the brim with politicians.  Clearly the BRC must have been something, look at the smile on the man’s face all the way to the left.  Get your bid in now by clicking here: BRC Climbing Steps

Please remember, even if you are planning to snipe bid, please cast a small bid through the links on this website.  If you only cast a bid later on or through the snipe service, this site will not be given the appropriate credit from ebay for referrals.

brc steps

brc 2

Sold for:202.51


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