Changes are coming!

I realize I blog a lot about blogging and making this website.  I’d like to make this site easier to use and more approachable.  Although I decluttered it significantly in the most recent iteration, I’m not sure if I went the right direction.  As such, the wheels in my brain are spinning again.

If you recall, this site was set up initially to preserve Austin and Bantam leads that may otherwise get lost to time, and to satisfy a desire I’ve had to build the ultimate automobile hobby site.  So far, this has been my most successful website; after my free food blog.  However successful, hits and visitors do not easily equate to income to invest into the website; and this will remain an underfunded hobby page.  (Remember, if you’re planning to buy anything through ebay, please click on a link here first, as that will help fund this effort.)

Given that knowledge, I am planning to increase site content to make sure you are getting the most current and comprehensive Austin and Bantam resources available.  I don’t want to get your hopes up, so I wont reveal too much at one time.  Planned changes include a reformatting and expansion.  The first step of the expansion will include a “value guide” of parts and cars.  The guide will consist of recent sale prices as correlated with respect to time and the parts.

Something else in the works is turning this site from a free wordpress site to a paid wordpress site.  That change will allow me to adopt a more conventional web address.  It will allow the content to include e-commerce, a wiki page, and even unlimited quantities of media.  If I can ever think of a good name, I will finally pull the trigger and start developing a more customizable site.

As I said, this is a hobby page; but I want to do my best.  Ideas, suggestions, and comments are always welcome.  Also, if you’re going to do any shopping for the holidays, below is a link to eBay.  What better place to find those stocking stuffers you were after?

Click Here

Also, If you’re looking for a 3 in 1 refrigerated drier for your compressor, click here, or here: Refrigerated Drier System


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