Find of the Day: American Austin Radiator Shell Badge

american austin emblem

American Bantam Emblem on Ebay

There have been a few of these emblems up for sale lately, but this is one of the nicest.  Not only does it appear to have its original clossonie, it has much of the original retainer intact.  If you’d like to check this one out on ebay click here: American Austin Radiator Badge

Right now at under $30, this is a bargain.  If I hadn’t recently picked one up for my roadster, I might have had to jump in on the bidding for this piece.  If a reader here gets this, I’d love to post an after photo of it adorning your car.

american austin roadster project part emblem 1930 1931 1932 1933 1934 1935

The elusive retainer clip that holds these emblems onto the radiator surround.

Sold for:107.50


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