Pre-Thanksgiving day eBay Item- Ford to Frisco

Up front, I want to disclose this item is mine.  A few years ago, I began reprinting “Ford To Frisco,” a journal of a 1915 cross country trip in a new Ford touring car.  The book recounts the travel of a few early American road trippers, and may be the earliest such account of a cross country pleasure trip via automobile.

Included in the journey are tales of Lizzy’s performance, vivid descriptions of the trip along the way, and the beginning stages of our national roads.  It’s a fairly short story, but one that kept my imagination going while waiting for my T to be done.  The hundredth anniversary of this trip is fast approaching, but now is the chance for you to think back to piloting a brass and black Ford to the Pacific Ocean.

I am running low and this is from the second reprinting.  Supplies are limited and this may be the last run for several years.

Click here to see:  Ford To Frisco

Ford to Frisco - a cross country journey in a Model T

Ford to Frisco – a cross country journey in a Model T


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