eBay Feature Item of the Day: Butler Proud?

I don’t know about you, but when I think about American Bantams, I tend to think of a proud little town in western Pennsylvania which the company called home.  Butler is the home of the Bantam, and although little of the actual factory exists, there is still a large vestige of pride in the folks who remember that their town was the birth place of the jeep.

This morning on eBay, a Parts Catalog was listed indicating the American Bantam Motors Corporation as being at Holden Avenue at Lincoln, Detroit, Michigan.  If you’re curious what this intersection looks like today, click here.

There has to be some sort of answer to explain all of this.  The listing does not mention any sort of date and it appears that all of the parts are for the American Austin.

Any insight is appreciated.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Click here to see more:  Bantam Parts Manual

American Bantam Parts Catalog - Detroit Michigan

American Bantam Parts Catalog – Detroit Michigan

Sold for: 20.49


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