Bantam in the Snow- the Buffalo what if?

As an effort to keep the content flowing and in light of the weather our New York neighbors are enjoying in Buffalo, I would like to present the thought of Bantams in the snow.

Below is a video highlighting Virta Warrens from the perspective of her daughter.  The clip introduces us to an independent business woman, who moved from racing cars to selling Bantams.  I’ve watched this video more times than I should admit; partly for the story, yet mostly for the vintage footage of Virta maneuvering her Bantams through all sorts of environments.  Beside cresting stairs and traversing rocky shores, a little past the one minute mark, she takes a 39-40 Bantam coupe through its paces in snow.

In a slick piece of driving she makes the little Bantam look like a sporty fun car.  If you haven’t seen this video, I recommend you set aside a half hour, so you can watch it about fifteen times.

While this does give us some indication as to the agility of these wonderful little cars, she hasn’t demonstrated an ability of the Bantam to burrow through snow.  Maybe this is why there don’t seem to be any of the little cars in Erie County…


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