Building A Website Presents New Challenges Everyday

To steal a phrase, this isn’t my first rodeo.  However, this is my most successful venture as of yet.  My first website was something I made on Geocities in High School, which sadly vanished along with Geocities.  It was, as you could guess, a website about cars.  The sole purpose of the site was to put my car collection on the web for others to enjoy.  At the time, visitors and clicks meant nothing, but knowing I had staked out my own little piece of the web was all that mattered. 

In college, I launched  Don’t try to click that, because it’s a long dead link.  I experimented by actually buying a domain name and trying out a hosting service.  To say it failed epically would be an understatement.  With grand intentions of offering my locating services to the public, I went in with no organized plans.  No website ever actually published and my apprehension of the web grew.  In Law School, I learned about blogging though blog spot.  If anyone from my school is reading, they probably remember it as the free food blog, but it was a way for students to locate all of the events in the school that incorporated free food; from lectures to dodge ball.  Up until now, that two year effort was my most successful attempt at publishing anything on the web, except for helping my Dad with a website for himself a while back.

I’m thankful for WordPress.  It has given me a nice platform to experiment with ideas and concepts while trying to develop a long held dream.  I go more in depth regarding that dream elsewhere on this site, so please feel free to browse.  Although this site is limited, it is growing, and the number of views grows every month.  So far, there have been over 10,500 views.  Your views and comments encourage me to keep striving toward my dream of providing you with wonderful content.  Your suggestions have guided me and my ears are always open.  Please keep watching for updates both in content and organization. 


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