Hidden Treasures

For years I’ve scoured the web pursuing my far-scattered interests.  One place I have enjoyed lurking and posting is theHamb.  While working on compiling the American Austin and Bantam section here, and looking for some pieces for a personal project, I found myself on theHamb.  Although their new interface has left a lot to be desired, in my opinion, there is still some wonderful content and great community support.  If you have never been to theHamb, I suggest you try it out.

With the new interface, the creators have invested time in implementing a new search algorithm which I haven’t gotten used to yet.  Trusting google to take up my slack, I began my search.  Hidden deep within theHamb, but only posted recently, I found out that a car I had posted on this website had recently found a home.  Actually, when it was posted here, it was more of a shell; in need of someone to give it copious amounts of love.

The Giovanni Cam Bantam- 2014

The Giovanni Cam Bantam- 2014

Bereft of everything making it the monster it was in the 60’s and everything that made it a great compact car in the late 30’s, the new owner brought his car to the hot rodding community.  He was seeking any clues to the car’s past that anyone could provide.  Thankfully, theHamb is well stocked with people who have a great memory for cool cars.

Within hours, a member posted a not only a clue to the history of the car, not only a photo, but a scanned image of the magazine on which it was a cover car.  This shell, was a cover car only 52 years ago.

The mystery bantam in June 1962

The mystery bantam in June 1962

There were some very drastic modifications made on the car in the intervening years, but the car was left with a few clues as to its origin; the reshaped cowl, the remnants of the name “Scruffy III” above the rear window, and some well aged decals on the passenger side of the car.

The current owner is elated at his purchase and has magnificent plans to bring it back to life.  To follow the story of the “Southern Stormer,” click here.  Did the buyer know what he was getting into when he took the plunge?  Not necessarily.  Could this have worked out any better?  Probably not.

The moral of the story is, you never know what you are going to find out there and sometimes you don’t even know as much about your own items as you think.  We are very fortunate when we can find people who can help shed light on our treasures and help polish them back to their former luster.


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