The waiting is the hardest part…

Perhaps you have wondered why this new website suddenly went dormant.  You may have assumed it was abandoned by the creator after realizing what sort of work goes into an undertaking of this magnitude. 

I am here to say, the site is live.  It survived an arduous two weeks of moving the headquarters of Richard’s Automotive Services and will be coming back better then ever soon.  You can look forward to enhanced and updated content, as well as some new features.  Mind you, these features wont be fancy, but they will add a new realm for your personal searching leisure and a new area of interest. 

I will be launching a craiglist section for the American Austin and Bantam enthusiasts, which will offer current online ads which have not been included elsewhere.

I will also begin rolling out a section for Ford Model T enthusiasts.  Keep coming back for more updates.  Beginning tonight the eBay links will be updated.

Thank you for your patience and support.  Thank you Dennis for you feedback and suggestions!


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