Happy Independence Day

Before I too go out to enjoy this beautiful fourth of July, in between doing some work, I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Independence Day.  Although we on the East Coast are being warned about Hurricane Aurthur, I hope you have a chance to enjoy the day with those who you mean the most to you and pass the time doing something you are passionate about, whether it is lounging in a hammock, manning a grill, walking in a parade, setting off a few mortars, or turning a wrench.

Whenever I think of my photos and patriotism, I immediately think of this photo:

comet 3

This is a 1967 Comet which I purchased two years ago from a veteran who courageously fought for the facets of our nation we are celebrating today.  You can find the car on eBay here: 1967 Comet Cyclone Clone.

This car also brings to mind something every person looking to purchase a car long distance should consider, make sure you actually go to look at it or have someone with expertly trained eyes do it for you.  However, that’s a story for another day.  In the mean time, enjoy your weekend to its fullest!




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